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What To Check Out On Netflix!

Posted By: Kelly Bridges On: Comment: 0 Hit: 332
Even though the Christmas holidays are coming to an end there's still loads of time to catch up on your favourite Netflix shows. There are so many shows on...

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Quick & Easy Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Posted By: Shannon Kelly On: Comment: 0 Hit: 366
Are you craving a pumpkin spice latte but cannot justify spending £4 on a drink that you will devour in less than 5 minutes? Well fret not because I have...

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Autumn's Top Makeup Trends

Posted By: Paige Dancer On: Comment: 0 Hit: 396
With autumn/fall quickly approaching us, it's time to have a look at some trends we can easily follow, to make a statement this month!

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The Secret to Healthy Skin

Posted By: Shannon Kelly On: Comment: 0 Hit: 422
During the autumn and winter our skin is more prone to becoming dry and flaky and this is why it is extremely important to make sure you are treating your...

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The Top 10 YouTuber Books

Posted By: Lulu Ward On: Comment: 0 Hit: 673
Over the past couple years YouTubers have started releasing books. As there have been so many I thought I would list my top ten.

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The Ultimate Summer Smoothies!

Posted By: Shannon Kelly On: Comment: 0 Hit: 412
Strawberry and kiwi This smoothie is naughty but nice. By drinking this smoothie, you will be reaching two of your food groups which is fats and fruit and...

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Your Guide to Festival Fashion

Posted By: Kirsty Thomas On: Comment: 0 Hit: 376
Rain, mud, tents and lots of loud music. Festival season has hit us and each year the festival fashion slightly changes. Individuality is a huge thing at...

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